Green Christmas Give-Back

Why should we take plastic or aluminium, when you can pack coffee in a simple paper pod?

As a nature lover, it was always clear to have something more environmentally friendly than plastic or aluminium and the ESE pod market in the Mediterranean countries is quite big – its only coffee ground and paper. 100% biodegradable! The ESE standard is an international standard and you can buy pods now all over the world.

Emozione has been making these environmentally-friendly coffee machines and pods available in Cape Town for many years.

Green Christmas Give-Back

As a special Christmas promotion, we will pay you R900 for any of your used capsule machines when buying a new ESE pod coffee machine.


Just head on over to the Emozione online shop, add your proffered coffee machine to the shopping cart, and include “GreenChristmas Give-back” into the special request section when ordering.

The machine will be delivered to your door by the courier, who will also collect your used capsule machine, which will be recycled by one of our partners. R900 will be transferred back into your bank account.

  1. Order ANY new Emozione Coffee Machine
  2. Add the “GreenChristmas Give-back” Promo Code
  3. Wait for the courier to arrive
  4. Receive R900 cash-back into your account

Changing your coffee machine is a small price to pay when you can become more environmentally-friendly and receive a R900 cash-back at the same time.

Order your ESE pod coffee machine with Emozione!

This offer is valid until the 25th of December 2016.

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