Buy Italian Coffee in South Africa

Coffee was introduced in Italy in the 1500s. At first, it was seen as sinful and deemed as an Islamic threat to Christianity. But as its popularity grew, Pope Clement VIII decided to sample the heathen drink and was instantly enamoured by its unique taste and aroma. He proclaimed that it would be a great sin to banish such a delightful drink.

From century to century, a coffee drinking culture in Italy has grown stronger and stronger. In modern Italy, coffee rituals have emerged that have made drinking coffee in Italy unique. We’ll be demystifying these laws for you below.

What to drink in the morning?

The morning in Italy begins with a pastry paired with a delicious milky coffee. These can include a Cappuccino, a Caffe latte or a Latte macchiato. Don’t order these after 11 am though. Italians only enjoy milky coffee in the morning – never in the afternoon and especially not after a meal.

Double espresso shots!

It’s also acceptable to order double shots in South Africa. While you can do this in Italy, it is not typical. If you need that extra caffeine boost, just visit your favourite barista several times per day. You won’t be the only one!

Take-away Coffee

As coffee drinking is supposed to be a social experience and enjoyed in small doses, take-away cups may not be available at every cafe that you visit.

Region Coffee Twists

Italy has 20 regions that boast their own unique coffee culture with each offering their regional twists to the drink we all love to enjoy. For example, in Le Marche, you can enjoy a caffe anisette for an anise-flavoured espresso. In Sicily, you can enjoy an Arabic-inspired coffee flavoured with cloves, cinnamon and cacoa.

Buy Italian Coffee in South Africa

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