Classic quality, classic Italy.

In our generation of excessive modernisation and technological bombardment – it’s rare to find brands who are truly authentic and loyally support the beauty of tradition.  That is why our coffee machine is one of a kind!

As discussed plentifully on this blog – Italians certainly make coffee well. They perfected the coffee-making process that rewards the drinker with not only an enduring aroma of deliciousness, but a rich taste of Italian history through the quality of our coffee pods.

It’s therefore essential that you get your hands on our coffee machine – the Didiesse Frog Coffee Machine.


It is an ESE coffee machine (Easy Single Espresso) that comes in 14 amazing colours and prepares your coffee or espresso in an environmentally friendly manner.

It features a fast heat-up process (only 1 minute!) and this ensures that it saves electricity. It is extremely low maintenance and is a high quality product that has been smartly designed and manufactured in Italy.  The reason why this is environmentally friendly is because the ESE pods use no plastic or aluminium  and can even be disposed as a garden fertilizer!

It comes with a 24 month warranty and can be serviced at the repair centre in Cape Town.

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Did you know…

…We deliver your order to you FREE of charge if you order a FROG coffee machine or more than 50 coffee pods?


We deliver to your door. All orders are packed the same day and will leave our warehouse,  the business day after we’ve received your payment.

Please ensure that you give us a valid address and phone number that we can be sure you get your coffee equipment.

We love our Italian coffee as much as you do so ensure that our coffee is always fresh.  We only source our coffee from artisan roasters in Italy – which are family businesses that give us consistent quality every time.

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Emozione coffee

Explore more.

Do you want to explore Emozione’s Italian coffee culture ? Try all the different brands and blends to discover your favourite Italian coffee pod? Well we have just what you need!

Italian coffee can be quite a lot to take in – there are varying strengths, tastes, aftertastes, aromas and varying degrees of richness. This value pack is therefore the best way for you to explore your coffee knowledge! It’s also a good idea to stock up your coffee cabinet before the festive season!

The explorer pod kit comes with 50 pods and features 5 the following:

 Miscela D’Oro single espresso

Miscela D’Oro classico

Miscela D’Oro Lungo

Miscela D’Oro decaff

 Miscela D’Oro Natura

Caffe Borbone RED

Caffe Borbone BLU

 Caffe Borbone GOLD


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Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Love Emozione


Price: R5,20

Even though this product in our Lucaffe range doesn’t have caffeine – it has the most enchanting taste and aroma that you truly won’t mind in most decaf coffees.

Not only does decaf coffee give you the benefit of the taste of good Italian coffee, but it has been proven to have considerable health benefits. Decaf coffee has shown to prevent cancer, reduce the risk of diabetes and prevent the mental decline that occurs when we age.

This coffee is an authentic mix of Arabic beans that have been decaffeinated through an absolutely natural process. This has the best taste of coffee – just without the undesired effects of caffeine.

100% Arabica, 0.1 % caffeine

Gian Luca Venturelli Italian Coffee Roasting Company was founded in 1996 on the shores of Lake Garda (at Padenghe sul Garda), thanks to the passion and enterprise of Gian Luca Venturelli. The company grew rapidly, first at its facility in Roncadelle (Brescia) where, besides the equipment for roasting and grinding the coffee, innovative plant was installed for packaging the pods in paper, allowing the company to specialize in a way that would later prove to be a winner.

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CAFFÈ BORBONE BLU for the Monday blues

Mondays bring with them an exhaustible amount of blues – but we have you sorted! Our CAFFÈ BORBONE BLU.

One of our favourites is a Neapolitan Roasted Arabica with the perfect amount of Robusta. The composition of this ESE pod has resulted in a deliciously rich Espresso that is balanced with a mild acidity.

Medium roast 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta

Caffe Borbone Espresso pods are customized for pod machines and porta filter machines only – E.S.E pods (Easy Serving Espresso). No grinding, no measure of the ground coffee and no mess. E.S.E pods are the easiest way of making a superb Espresso (Coffee, Cappuccino) with the benefits of a hassle free preparation and perfect results such as a thick crema at the right temperature.

Caffè Borbone is a long established roaster in the Naples region. The balance and flavour of their coffees will confirm that the traditional roasting ethos is still very much intact. Caffè Borbone is roasting and blending coffees for over 28 years.



It’s an eternal fact that Italian coffee is the best form of coffee. Why?


It’s pretty evident that Italians have been passionate about espresso for hundreds of years and perhaps the the rest of us are just merely trying to ‘catch-up’.


It is undeniable that the passion, expertise and love is apparent in every delectable sip of Italian-made coffee – and it’s because they just get it. Italians have mastered the process of coffee-making and have therefore perfected the espresso.

Fun fact:

Ernesto Valente produced the first pump driven espresso machine in the 1960’s. This design concept remains the cornerstone for contemporary espresso coffee machines.



On the most part, Italians tend to drink coffee in its purest form – that being Espresso. Espresso is merely one short black shot of coffee and therefore gives you no chance to cover-up a poor espresso coffee with milk, cream or sweeteners. So Italians therefore take great care in delivering  the perfect, organic espresso.


Through every sip, us South Africans are merely the beneficiaries of hundreds of years of experience, expertise and this particular Italian passion for the perfect espresso.

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This ESE pod delivers a magnificently strong and resolute taste. Its full body taste is the result of the dark roasted Robusta and has a deliciously intense aftertaste. This coffee is for real Neapolitan Espresso lovers.

Composition: 100% Robusta

Our  selection of Caffe Borbone Espresso pods are customised specially for ESE pod machines – E.S.E pods (Easy Serving Espresso). This means that there’s absolutely no grinding, no measuring of the ground coffee and no mess. E.S.E pods are the easiest way of making a superb Espresso, Coffee or Cappuccino – with the joy of a convenient  preparation and the right temperature means it has perfect results such as a thick crema.

Caffè Borbone is a long established roaster in the Naples region. The balance and flavour of their coffees will confirm that the traditional roasting ethos is still very much intact. Caffè Borbone is roasting and blending coffees for over 28 years.

Price: only R4,30

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