A history of Italian’s and their coffee

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Some argue that the Enlightenment took place in eighteenth-century Europe because, simply, that’s when coffee houses first opened. What does that make the Enlightenment? Just one major caffeine buzz. It’s true, Italians love their coffee and have so ever since the coffee bean first arrived at the ports in Venezia, brought from the Islamic world in the sixteenth century. They have it first thing in the morning, typically espresso or cappuccino; have it after lunch; perhaps a quick shot during the work day; then one after dinner before taking the ritual “passeggiata,” or stroll, through the city center. Every household has the famous “macchinetta,” an easy-to-use stove-top percolator made of aluminum and first built in 1933 by Bialetti that, when properly used, produces a delicious espresso at any time. No matter the occasion, coffee must be done right in Italy. It’s an art, and there’s no kidding around about the perfect espresso: rich, creamy, perfectly balanced from start to finish, not one coffee ground burned by the scorching hot, high-pressure water that passed over it. And what about those massive, gorgeous espresso machines you see in fine coffee shops in the United States, certainly all over Italy? We can thank Luigi Bezzera for them! In fact, we can thank him for the espresso itself.

tumblr_nzf6gxzgsS1uw6frmo1_540Some Italians–in fact, many Italians–have one bar (Italian coffee houses are known as “bars”) they frequent every day for their coffee. It’s there where they talk sports and politics. It’s there where they start their day and, at times, end it with an aperitivo, a before-dinner drink (perhaps just after-work drink!). A barista–he or she who prepares the coffee–is revered in Italy. Though some Italians have a preferred bar where they get their coffee, some also have a preferred barista. There’s something to be said about that special barista who can pull that perfect espresso. Thank you, baristi of Italy–of the world, for that matter–for waking us all up and keeping the conversation going!

CAFFÈ BORBONE BLU for the Monday blues

Mondays bring with them an exhaustible amount of blues – but we have you sorted! Our CAFFÈ BORBONE BLU.

One of our favourites is a Neapolitan Roasted Arabica with the perfect amount of Robusta. The composition of this ESE pod has resulted in a deliciously rich Espresso that is balanced with a mild acidity.

Medium roast 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta

Caffe Borbone Espresso pods are customized for pod machines and porta filter machines only – E.S.E pods (Easy Serving Espresso). No grinding, no measure of the ground coffee and no mess. E.S.E pods are the easiest way of making a superb Espresso (Coffee, Cappuccino) with the benefits of a hassle free preparation and perfect results such as a thick crema at the right temperature.

Caffè Borbone is a long established roaster in the Naples region. The balance and flavour of their coffees will confirm that the traditional roasting ethos is still very much intact. Caffè Borbone is roasting and blending coffees for over 28 years.



It’s an eternal fact that Italian coffee is the best form of coffee. Why?


It’s pretty evident that Italians have been passionate about espresso for hundreds of years and perhaps the the rest of us are just merely trying to ‘catch-up’.


It is undeniable that the passion, expertise and love is apparent in every delectable sip of Italian-made coffee – and it’s because they just get it. Italians have mastered the process of coffee-making and have therefore perfected the espresso.

Fun fact:

Ernesto Valente produced the first pump driven espresso machine in the 1960’s. This design concept remains the cornerstone for contemporary espresso coffee machines.



On the most part, Italians tend to drink coffee in its purest form – that being Espresso. Espresso is merely one short black shot of coffee and therefore gives you no chance to cover-up a poor espresso coffee with milk, cream or sweeteners. So Italians therefore take great care in delivering  the perfect, organic espresso.


Through every sip, us South Africans are merely the beneficiaries of hundreds of years of experience, expertise and this particular Italian passion for the perfect espresso.

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This ESE pod delivers a magnificently strong and resolute taste. Its full body taste is the result of the dark roasted Robusta and has a deliciously intense aftertaste. This coffee is for real Neapolitan Espresso lovers.

Composition: 100% Robusta

Our  selection of Caffe Borbone Espresso pods are customised specially for ESE pod machines – E.S.E pods (Easy Serving Espresso). This means that there’s absolutely no grinding, no measuring of the ground coffee and no mess. E.S.E pods are the easiest way of making a superb Espresso, Coffee or Cappuccino – with the joy of a convenient  preparation and the right temperature means it has perfect results such as a thick crema.

Caffè Borbone is a long established roaster in the Naples region. The balance and flavour of their coffees will confirm that the traditional roasting ethos is still very much intact. Caffè Borbone is roasting and blending coffees for over 28 years.

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The espresso which seduces, every time.

Blucaffe is a combination of the greatest passion, flavor and of course secrets of Gian Luca Venturelli. It is an enigmatic mix of various beans from tropical plantations at high altitudes, where some extraordinary coffee diversities are produced and then merged in this perfect blend.

Espresso for us is more than a pleasure, it must create an emotion and good memories.

Our Secret!

We are proud to be an eco-friendly company !

We have chosen paper for our pods. Paper pods are totally biodegradable, unlike plastic capsules which unfortunately are spreading as an alternative standard. Paper pods enable us to produce healthier coffee. Filter paper is particularly effective in reducing the presence of grounds and other coffee residues such as waxes and oils. It is also used in pharmaceutical applications because it traps waterborne bacteria and reduces impurities. And the coffee, besides being more eco-friendly, is also healthier and more digestible.

Coffee and fashion: the perfect combination.

It’s no secret that coffee-drinkers are fashionable, trendy and stylish.

How do you espresso yourself? We looked at a few coffees and made the assumptions ourselves!

Single Espresso

You want to be Parisian cool and are always on the run. Your outfits are simple and organised but always well accessorised. You’re all about the outfit’s trend factor and love to be in style. Your Chanel handbag is your prized possession.


Double Espresso

You have a meeting in the next hour. You rushed out the door this morning and still aren’t sure exactly what you’re wearing.


Triple Espresso

You have a deadline in less than 30 minutes and have been awake since 4am. You’re in your favourite sweats and have no makeup on.



The presumably “fancy order” that has a certain no-nonsense retro chic to it. You dress in Country Road, aspire to holiday in Rome and read Penguin Modern Classics.


Instant Coffee

White, two sugars. You’re dressed in your work clothes and your Woolworth’s pencil Skirt is your go-to outfit piece. Black is your favourite colour to wear.



Get out.

Coffee: The Engine of Ideas

Coffee may not have been invented in Italy but the coffee culture that we know and love did originate there. Here are a few regular coffee jargons to remind you of the significant difference between an Espresso and a Doppio, or a Cappuccino and a Caffe Latte:

Espresso : known a Caffe in Italy, served in a 3 oz or demitasse cup. Strong in taste with a rich bronze froth known as a crema on top.

Doppio : Simply a double espresso.

Ristretto: More concentrated than a regular espresso that is made with less water.

Lungo or Caffe Americano: An Espresso made with more water – opposite a Ristretto.

Macchiato: Espresso that is “marked” with a dollop of steamed milk on top.

Corretto: Espresso that is “corrected” with grappa, cognac or sambuca.

Cappuccino: Espresso with foamed milk and containing equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk.

Cappuccino scuro: Cappuccino prepared with less milk and is a darker color.

Cappuccino chiaro: Cappuccino prepared with more milk (but less than a caffe latte) and is lighter in color.

Caffe’ latte: Espresso made with more milk than a cappuccino but only a small amount of foam. In Italy it is usually a breakfast drink.

Latte macchiato: Steamed milk that is “marked” (sometimes ornately) with a shot of espresso coffee.


Why Italians make good coffee


Italians really do and have so ever since the coffee bean first arrived at the ports in Venezia, brought from Islam in the sixteenth century. Italians typically have it first thing in the morning (predictably either espresso or cappuccino), after lunch, then maybe a quick shot to get them through the day, then a post-dinner one before taking their “passeggiata,” or stroll through the centre of the city.
Regardless of the occasion, it is a significant part of Italian tradition that coffee is done right. It’s almost like an art, and the perfect espresso has to be rich, creamy and perfectly balanced.
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We’re proud to be environmentally friendly

Ever wonder what your environmental footprint is on the world?

We are proud to tell you that our coffee is 100% biodegradable. We care about the environment – and so should you! It has been discovered that regular aluminium coffee pods take 500 years to decompose. Our ESE pods take how long? Maybe a day or two. Coffee is of the earth – birthed in rich soils in the Caribbean and roasted to perfection – it shouldn’t be contained in  artificial packaging that is not only damaging to your health, but the earth’s too.

So how is our product environmentally friendly?

Instead of having an aluminium pod, our ESE pods are made from a special paper filter that guarantees that no pollutants or residuals are produced during brewing.

images (2)

Our ESE pod system also offers the added advantage of being highly cost effective. No more waste during grinding, no more grinding at all and the quantity of coffee always optimized to brew the best coffee every time. Unlike aluminium capsules that are designed for specific pod machines, the ESE system is universal and is the worldwide industry standard for single serve espresso.


For fresh, environmentally-friendly, Italian coffee – we’re a brand that you know and trust.

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